Nos conseils d'utilisation

Our Advice?

The thousand and one ways to use Lavender

You will find in this section our advice on how to best use our Organic and AOP Fine Lavender Essential Oils. Please note that all the information in this section is taken from publications, websites and naturopathic advice. We disclaim all responsibility for the way our products are used.

These different molecules confer the following main properties

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Don't use chemicals unnecessarily, many things can be replaced by lavender essential oil !

The most efficient and complete use of our essential oil is to use it in our diffuser!
This use allows :

  • To clean your air! With its anti-infectious and antiviral properties it will help you keep your home healthy.
  • To clean your lungs! Always with these same properties your lungs will be well cleaned of your day.
  • To relax! Relax, breathe, it will also help you to stimulate your concentration and inspiration.
  • To feel on vacation wherever you are! With its flowery, soft and fine scent you will embalm your house, your office or your car with the scents of Provence.

An Ancestral use for our Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender essential oil remains the best known and most used in the world. The Romans already took advantage of the aromatic qualities of Lavender to perfume their clothes and their baths. Its name is also derived from the Latin "lavare", meaning "to wash". The term “washerwoman” comes from the fact that Lavender was added to the laundry water in order to perfume the clothes. In the Middle Ages, its disinfectant properties were used in fumigation. At the beginning of the 20th century, René-Maurice Gattefossé, a perfumer-chemist, who had burned his hands during an explosion in his laboratory, prevented gangrene from setting in by immersing them in a container containing oil essential Lavender. In French hospitals, Lavender essential oils have long been used to sanitize and purify the air, which was known to help in the fight against microbial and fungal infections.
Its numerous indications and its great sweetness make the essential oil of fine Lavender from Haute-Provence one of the flagships of modern aromatherapy. It is also used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to relieve depressive states as well as by Tibetan Buddhist doctors to treat certain mental disorders..

Recommendations for the use of Essential Oils

Before use, check by a test on the skin, the absence of allergic reaction.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use not recommended (unless medical advice) for children under 6 months and pregnant women under 3 months.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

In case of heavy ingestion, consult a doctor immediately and show him/her the packaging or label.

In case of splashing in the eyes, rinse with plenty of clear water.

Do not spray continuously in an unventilated room.

Linalool, limonene, geraniol and coumarin are ingredients naturally contained in lavender essential oil. The essential oils should be stored away from light and heat, in a well-sealed bottle.

Should be used, after opening, preferably within 24 months.

Caution: The properties and indications mentioned in our website are based on a studies that presents a traditional use of the essential oil, recognized by experts in aromatherapy. Nevertheless, it is still recommended for the use of essential oils to contact an aromatherapy professional in order to collect personalized and secure information, adapted to your medical situation, your profile and your age.

We grow the best Lavender you can find on the market. Lavender produced in France and respecting organic farming. Our essential oil wins each year the olfactory competition which ranks the best French PDO oils. We can say without pretension that our product is the best you can find, it has been cultivated by our family since 1916.


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