With the arrival of spring, we are actively preparing our farm for the 2022 vintage of our fabulous PDO and organic lavender essential oil.
We need space! So we are launching the Big Spring Destocking operation!
We are selling part of our stock from previous years at half price.
It's a great deal!
These are lavender essential oils from previous years, therefore with a reduced optimal deadline (not exceeded).
The acidity of this oil may be slightly affected, so we recommend it to be used for its smell, absolutely intact, rather than for its therapeutic or aromatherapeutic properties - although we ourselves continue to use it as such - we cannot guarantee that it has retained all its properties.

Some examples of optimal uses:

- Potpourris: a few drops of this oil in your bouquets or composition of dried flower petals will subtly brighten up your environment with a sweet lavender fragrance.
bouquets - dried flowers

- Wardrobe pouches: a few drops of this oil to revive the pleasant scent of your little pouches of embroidered dried lavender flowers that our grandmothers hid in our linen closets in Provence. Big additional advantage, it is a particularly effective and natural moth repellent!
pouches of lavender

- Misting: this oil is perfect for purifying, cleansing and delicately and lastingly perfuming your environment, at the office or at home, find a little piece of your last vacation in Provence! A 10ml bottle in a diffuser or nebulizer, and the magic happens!
essential oil diffusers

- Repellent against small critters that sting: combined with a base of neutral oil or neutral alcohol at 70% volume, a few drops of our essential oil are enough to keep away many of these little critters that we dread so much with the arrival of fine weather. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice and other insects hate the smell of lavender essential oil. So do not hesitate to put a few drops of your mixture on your clothes, on your pets to keep away these little troublemakers... To be renewed regularly for better efficiency.

Springtime Destocking Operation