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Our family farm

Exploitation Famille Fra Lagarde d'Apt Mont Ventoux lavande fine AOP Bio

The Fra family cultivates fine lavender since 1916 in Lagarde d'Apt, at 1100 m altitude, between Ventoux and Luberon.

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Our family

Fernand Jean, then his daughter Marie-Louise and Paul Fra, followed by Maurice, creator of "Lavande 1100", then we, Christine and Lionel and soon our children, Marie-Céline and Jean-Bernard, all cultivate or cultivated with love this emblematic plant of Haute Provence.

  • Paul et Marie-Louise Fra
  • Famille Fra
  • Chrine et Lionel Fra

Our expertise

Our farm has been in organic farming since 1979. To weed our laundries we use our sheep. As our elders did.
  • Champ de lavande
  • Travail dans le champ
  • Chrine et Lionel Fra
  • Vue de notre exploitation
  • Agriculture biologique
  • Travail dans le champ
  • Nos moutons désherbent
  • Récolte de la lavande en été
  • Distillation
  • L'huile essentielle

In mid-July, Lionel checks the maturity of the lavender in order to launch the harvesting campaign which will last about 4 weeks.

To know more about us or the farm, you can watch the video at right top of this page.

Our family farm

From producer to consumer

Visit our farm in real PDO organic fine lavender.
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